Keep Canada Green!

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Gaspard - Keep Canada Green Scholarship Contest

Whoops! Gaspard’s Keep Canada Green contest is now closed.

We are so excited to announce that more than 1,500 schools across Canada participated in our first eco-smart scholarship challenge. I always knew young people across this big, bold, beautiful country were industrious, smart, charming…uh, wait a minute, are we talking about you or me?!

We’ll announce our Ten $1,000 Scholarship winners right here on May 2, 2014. Make sure you come back to find out who’s the greenest of them all! And tell your friends to join us in the fall. We’ll have another fabulous contest with more eco-info, more savvy tips and more me!

And hey, win or lose, you know I think you’re the best. The cream of our double double. The twinkle in our Northern lights. Get out there and make your mark on the world. Really sink your teeth in! I beleaver in you! (See what I did there?)

Go get ‘em, Grad!